Types of Online music games

If you love music, you would probably enjoy playing music games online. There are generally three types of online music games available: guess the song, to follow the beat, and to find or match the notes.

Guess the song

This can be the simplest of the three if you know your songs, otherwise, it can prove to be quite a challenge. You can simply be given part of a lyrics or song for you to guess the title, or you could even be given the challenge to complete the lyrics of a song. There are many ways a song-guessing can go, but these are mainly a music knowledge type of challenge.

Follow the beat
With games where you will need to follow the beat, you will usually need to listen to the beat given, and then click on the keys that control different beats. Some of this type of game can be very elementary, where your screen will show you a few beats being played, and all you will need to do is to correctly follow the beat. Others, on the other hand, can be more complicated, where you may need to listen out to the beats of a song and press the keys in sync with them. One highly popular PSP beat game which is also limitedly available online for PC now is Patapon. Such games are really a challenge to see if you are able to identify beats or not, and how well you can do it. For people who love to play the drums, this can be a good way to practice your beats.

Find/match the note
Music games that require you to find or match the notes are somewhat similar with beat games, except that instead of following beats, you follow notes. These are usually synonymous with memory games, because you will need to listen to the notes and then play the correct keys to duplicate the note. An easy version of this sort of game simply needs you to listen to one, two or three notes, and then correctly duplicate it. They can become tougher as you level up, where you will be given a longer series of notes to duplicate. On the other hand, there are games like Guitar Hero (which online versions are also available), which will require you to match the notes that scroll on the screen to the music.

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Regardless of which type of music games online that you play, remember to turn up your speakers because what is a music game without music!

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