Spotify vs iTunes Music


Music is the power as well as the important thing in anyone’s life. Listening to or playing different sounds helps to relax, de-stress and motivates in tiring times. Music can listen while going school, at night before sleeping, in casinos, while gambling, on a long journey or in any leisure time.
Discussing Spotify and iTunes music, both are available on PC, iOS, and Mac devices for download. Some differences and similarities of both are described here:

Music catalogue:

If talking about streaming, both the services matched and boasting about 30 million songs. Both of them have a big collection of music for casinos, online casinos such as Captain Cooks and gambling, but Spotify is better than iTunes in this regard. The music catalogue of Apple uses “Apple music library” from iTunes; so, every song is not streamed in the catalogue. Some of the music is not available for streaming i.e. The Beatles Discography. Apple music is having the music of Taylor Swift, which cannot be found on Spotify. Music can be added to the computer or playlists via Spotify. Music on the iTunes, either buying from the store or from a CD, added automatically.

Music discovery:

Almost, all the services for streaming work well to serve the recommendations. Apple music and Spotify have different approaches for streaming. Apple uses the Beats Music engine and also find new suggestions continually. You can choose your favourite genres and artists and offers “For You” tab having constant recommendations. This is a good thing to use in casinos. On the other hand, recommendations by Spotify are less. These are based on the listening history. It has less indie, underground and known artists.


Both Apple Music and Spotify offer radio features, but work differently. Apple has 24/7 radio station, that is streaming from New York, Los Angeles and London called Beats 1. They hired DJs for working, and they play great music. They also discuss music culture, hot music and offer interviews. Spotify does not offer live radio. They have on-demand radio stations which can be played at any time. Songs can be liked and disliked depending upon the choice.

Flashy features:

Features differentiate Apple Music from Spotify. Apple focused on to stay connected with its listener to his favourite artist, while Spotify offers the variety of situations. The connect section of Apple work as a social network where they can share videos, lyrics, mixtapes, photos with their fans. The features of Spotify are in various places, from home to walking around the streets. The running feature detects running tempo and also match music to the speed.

On the surface, both the iTunes and Spotify have similar services. They both play music from a large collection of songs, a recommendation based and also based on learning history, offer radio also. Both cost $9.99 a month and also allow you to play your music files. There is no big difference exist between the two. There is no killing feature which overcomes the other.
If you like music, Apple will work well for the streaming needs. But, if you love listening music, Spotify is a better choice while you are among your friends, community, or showing a large collection of new music. This is also a good choice for use during gambling, in casinos and for online casinos. Feel free to use Spotify.

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