Online music-From label to table


With the new millennium, the Internet has become a place of revolution and diversity. It doesn’t just connect people; it offers the tools for massive popularity campaign, marketing research and much more.

Nowadays singers and artist use the internet in the first place to promote themselves and their products. For musicians and bands, the music industry has become extremely competitive. There are so many talented players out there waiting their chance to become famous and fruitful. The chances are very slim, and it’s more probable to win the lottery in the casino than making a successful career as a singer. Many talented, bright young musicians have failed in competing with the everyday growing music industry. What is the missing link? Why have we made it almost impossible to stand out in the vast ocean of free music online? Was it a revolution or we made it even harder for a new artist to make a living by his talent? We download free music without even asking ourselves what was the cost of the artist to do this masterpiece. We have revolutionized our way of consuming from radio stations back in 80’s to SoundCloud today.

Gambling with the future of music

Having the opportunity to download a song without paying for it is quite a good fit for most people. Now is even easier to access thousands of songs without paying a cent for its value.

It has become broadly known that CDs, cassette players have become old school. Today we want to access our music playlist in a matter of seconds. We don’t need complicated third party machines to listen to the latest single of Adele. No, we need to have the essential – a smartphone with iTunes or Spotify. These are the winners, the popular applications you can install quickly and listen to thousands of free songs. Of course, not paying for each song is an advantage we can not miss but this is compensated with a subscription plan for each of these platforms. The Internet and has made it possible, the revolution of the music industry that we have waited is here now in every smartphone, on every computer, we can listen to our favorite bands and artist as much as we like.

What is the price you would ask? Well, it depends on the subscription plan you choose to pay.

Put it in the hands of people

The use of the internet to promote bands is pioneered by Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, who launched his website way back in 1994.

I wasn’t long after when he did start his label and used the internet to promote his music online without the big labels who use the massive publicity. It worked out and made them famous only after Simply Red has finished their contract with Warner.

The internet has made them famous; it was the place where they had the chance to do whatever they decide without the pressure of the label and set them free. That step might have been the start of a whole new world for the music industry. Many bands and singers have followed their path and decided to move on their own. Social media has become a place not only to connect people but a place to share too. MySpace is one of the first social medias where free music was popularized, bands and singers have actively uploaded their albums and singles. It wasn’t about a chance given from the Label; it was about their effort not big Labels gambling with their faith. It was artist’s choice to be out there in public.

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