Essence Music Festival 2016

The key to packing for music festivals isn’t packing light- it’s packing in a way you can carry as much as possible to the campsite from your car or whatever public transport you take to the event. Obviously a car is better because you can pack more stuff, making you better prepared and less reliant on the overpriced shops, food stalls and bars in and around the festival arena.

The amount you’ll need to pack will vary depending on whether you’re at a a 2 day, 3 night festival like V festival or the isle of White or other festivals like Glastonbury or Reading and Leeds, which are longer so you might need to pack more food, drink and toiletries.

Festival food

Although food at festivals is in ready supply and some of it isn’t too bad these days to save money we’d recommend taking as much of your own food as possible. Here’s some ideas- remember summer music festivals can get hot so fresh food will to off quickly if it’s not kept cool.

Barbecues – fires are banned at all the music festival campsites, although this isn’t really enforced as much at Glastonbury as others like V festival. Portable and disposable BBQs are good idea because BBQ food is easy to cook and the disposable ones you can, obviously, dispose of so you don’t have to carry them home. Stick with some simple burgers and sausages, take it frozen then keep it in a freezer box with ice packs and it should stay fresh for 24 hours or so. Avoid chicken, fish or cooked rice as these tend to have the worst consequences if you leave them out too long or don’t cook them thoroughly enough before eating. Don’t forget the tomato ketchup! You could also take some frozen bacon and bread to make bacon sandwiches the first morning on camp.

Tinned food- After the BBQ foods gone move onto the cans and anything you can cook quickly over a portable gas cooker. If you have a cooker you can boil water as well meaning you can make instant noodle and soup cups as well as the essential morning cup of tea (which will cost you £1.50 if you buy it from a food stall). Don’t forget the tin opener and kettle, as well as something to clean the pots and plates with.

Who attends the Festival?
People from all over the United States, north, south, east, and west attend the festival each year. There are also hundreds if not thousands of international attendees as well. The crowd is majority African-American, but people of all races are welcome and do attend the festival.

How much does it cost to attend the Festival?
The cost to attend the Essence Music Festival will depend on several factors: how you travel to the festival; what hotel you stay in; and what type of concert tickets you decide to purchase. Because the festival is held in south, most people find it better to fly than to drive. If you live in an area that has Southwest Airlines, you will usually find the best deal but you should definitely book early because seats go fast and normally sell out. Hotels tend to be expensive for this weekend. You can expect to pay around $200 per night if you stay in the French Quarter close to all the Essence Music Festival events. The price of the concert tickets vary each year, but normally range between $50-$200 per night depending on where you sit.

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